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Our team has been gaining attention and sales for brands since 2016, mainly through our work on Instagram and the Facebook Ad Manager. Before we started to support companies we gathered own experiences with social media and marketing products. We are a young team consisting only out of digital natives from Generation Z. Therefore our team is based on digital natives only.

We started with Instagram as a part time job while we were still in school. We originally planned to gather some money so we don´t have to take jobs, today we ourselves own accounts with more than 3.000.000 followers. After graduating 5 years ago, we also started to support companies and started bridging the gap to social media for established brands, online shops and companies. We understand the patterns of the algorithms behind the most important social media networks and over time we´ve learned how to take advantage from that for others and ourselves.

We can help you with multiplying your revenue using social media. Our constant work and the close relation to numerous influencers we developed through the years, allow us to recognize trends at an early stage. This is how we can always guarantee to use the latest strategies and tricks for your personal marketing strategy.


SKYLL.network is your reliable partner in terms of online and social media marketing.

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Google certificates prove the online marketing abilities of SKYLL.network.

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Due to our numerous stores we have been selected as fulfillment partners by Shopify.

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Facebook confirms the social media marketing capabilities of SKYLL.network.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook has turned into the largest advertising platform in the world. The Facebook Ad manager gives different possibilities with which you are able to achieve a high return on investment.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the celebrities of modern times and they are slowly replacing TV stars. In today’s world, influencers are giving a brand a face. The opinion of an influencer affects the buying decisions of his followers more than ever before and they are able to build trust for companies.

User Generated Content

The term “user generated content” is mainly used to describe images and videos that are created by an influencer/ social media user and then are uploaded to their social media accounts. This unique type of content offers many advantages in today’s world of advertisment compared to traditional types of content. According to a study by “Ipsos Media CT”, “user generated content” appears a lot more trustworthy to possible customers and audience groups and converts 20% better compared to conventional content. Because it is so close to reality in can deliver a lot of emotions. “User generated content” is on the rise and is becomeing more and more important in the world of marketing each day. As “user generated content” is a momentary shot from reality it appears very trustworthy to customers. This type of content is becoming more and more important in advertisements each year. “User generated content” displays a momentary shot from an influencers life and customers can relate closely to such kind of content as it is real life situation content.

Web Design

We can create well-converting websites, online stores to landing pages for you – we have cooperations with strong partners and can create designs and an online appearance for you.

SEA Google Ads

Using Search Engine Advertisement (SEA ads) on Google you can give yourself an advantage compared to your competitors, as done right you will always have a placement at top.


Our Team


Our approach

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Strategic Development

We develop a strategy individually tailored to your company and ensure that your ideas are incorporated as far as possible. During the implementation we use only the latest and most successful marketing methods for you. We work transparently for you and involve you in the implementation of the strategies at all times, so that you can always be involved in the development.

Preparation and Setup

After your individual strategy has been worked out and we have planned and structured everything in detail, we can start with the preparations for the right start. We coordinate all steps with you in advance and once you give the final approval, we start implementing our services. We increase your traffic and thus your sales in the short and long term.
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Increase Conversion

In addition to our actual tasks, which above all ensure the right traffic on your website, we help you in the next step to convert visitors into customers. The conversion rate represents the percentage of visitors who actually buy in the end. This means that the higher the conversion rate, the more visitors become customers.

Brand Development

We make sure that your brand is known internationally as well as locally, but most important it gets the attention it really needs and deserves. A fan and follower base behind your brand provides a social proof for customers and strengthens the public image and trust in your brand. Only users from the right niche are reached and brought into contact with your brand.

Increase Revenue

Through a strategic partnership you no longer need to invest any further thoughts in your social media presence and can concentrate solely on your daily business. We take on all tasks that successful social media marketing requires and can also provide you with some valuable tools that will free up your time.

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For your car repair you trust in experts, for your health you trust in experts, for your house construction you trust in experts, for your brand construction you should also trust in experts. Together we can ensure the success of your project. Regardless of whether you want to start from scratch or have been online for several years, we will help you reach your goal with the latest and most successful marketing methods!

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